Touchclass Admin page improved

Hi, everybody!

Thank you very much for your support to Touchclass.

As of May 13 (Mon), the Admin page was updated and please refer to the followings:

Thank you.


| New screen

  1. Main Dashboard
    You can see all the information from the Statistics menu at a glance.
    Easy to see the current status of learning through learning index.

    < Main Dashboard >
  2. Course Dashboard : All the information on courses
    To understand which group is more interested in the course based on learning progress / learning time / activity ranking by group.
    ② You can assume how learners are doing based on quiz/test/survey responses.

    < Course dashboard >
  3. Group statistics
    You can choose from 2 to 10 groups to compare.

    < Group statistics >

| Improved UI/UX

    1. Menu
      Reclassify as Essential/Utility/Report/Notification/Security based on consistency of menu

      < Menu >
    2. Contents and Course Thumbnail View
      Information displayed in List View only is now displayed in Thumbnail View as well

      < Content & Courses List >
      1. Split and merge tabs : Split or merge tabs for different situations
        Split : Settings_Site information / Administrator information / System settings
        Merge : Add or change members: Invite/ Join/ Change (Before: Individual invitation / Batch invitation / Individual sign up / Batch sign up / Group change)
    3. Reduced unnecessary clicks
      Example) Manage your learning_Learner sign up: Click Category of course or Individual course and you will be added to the list immediately