[ADMIN] Push notification bulk settings feature added

Touchclass here! In the spirit of the holidays, our development team keeps on giving us new features.

The administrator’s settings menu now includes the option to manage learners’ push notification settings.


| Push notification bulk settings

  • The administrator can manage learners’ push notification settings for the following instances:
    – Notices
    – New opinions
    – Comments
    – Comments that mention me
  • Admin settings > Push notification settings


※  Please refer to the following example when you configure your settings

• You can configure the settings such that all learners receive push notifications only for notices

  • You can also configure the settings such that all learners receive no push notifications
  • If you do so, you don’t need to disable push notifications for the individual items in Advanced settings


  • Even if a user is not receiving push notifications, they can check the notifications menu and the notices list to stay updated


  • Learners can also adjust their own push notification settings