Display representative group on profile

Touchclass here!

As always, thank you to our all our clients for using Touchclass.

We have added a new feature.

When you leave an opinion or create a post via the forum, you can display your representative group on your profile.


[ADMIN] Member policy settings

You can choose the range of your members’ information to be displayed.

① [Profile picture+Name]

② [Profile picture+Name+Representative group]


If you choose [Profile picture+Name+Representative group], an admin can see each representative groups of members on the Opinions page and Touch Together(Forum) page.

※ ADMIN > Opinions

※ ADMIN > Touch Together(Forum) > All posts


[Learner] Content, Forum(Touch Together)

If members write a post or comment, their representative group will be displayed.

① Course information > Recent opinions
② Posts, opinions and comments
③ Notifications