[ADMIN] Gamification learning point history and award points

Hello again! Touchclass here.

As always, thank you to our all our clients for using Touchclass.

Today we’ve got news about a couple brand-new features!

You can now view learners’ learning point histories, and the administrator can award or deduct learning points manually.

Try using gamification in a variety of ways to optimize the experience for your learners!


– When you want reward a particularly thoughtful or constructive opinion or comment
– When a learner participates in a survey
– When you want to reward a learner who has made substantial progress or logged extensive learning time
– When learners complete other tasks the administrator has requested


| Learning Point History

  • Search conditions
    – Group, date range, course, point-earning activity, and keywords are all searchable
    – Clear filters: Resets search conditions
  • Learning point history
    – Shows a record of learners earning learning points
    – Downloadable as an Excel file


| Award Points

  • Award points by
    – All: The point change will be reflected in the overall ranking
    – Course: The point change will be reflected in both the course and the overall ranking
  • Point awards or deductions can also be administered by member, by group, and in bulk


| Learning Point Adjustment Period

  • A set period of time after the gamification period ends during which the admin can still award learning points.
  • Learning point awards can only be given during the gamification date range and the adjustment period. After the adjustment period ends, award points cannot be given.


As always, thank you for your loyalty!