Minimum iOS & Android version adjusted

Hello, Touchclass here!
We have raised minimum iOS and Android version to use Touchclass.


| Minimum iOS and Android version

– iOS 10
– Android 5

※ How to check your version on your device
Settings>General>About>Software version
* This may vary depending on devices. 

※ iOS 10 supported devices
Phone 5 or later
iPod Touch 6th generation or later
iPad 4th generation or later
iPad mini 2nd generation or later.

We are no longer going to support updates iOS 10 or lower and Android 4.4 or less.


| The reason why we stop supporting updates

We decided to rise minimum iOS and Android version to offer enhancements such as new main screen, improved push notification.


| Notice to iOS 9 or Android 4.4 users

– You cannot update Touchclass app on your device but you are able to access it.
– You cannot enjoy enhancements we offer.